Allergies: Caring for Your Cat This Fall

When a person has allergies, everyone knows it. They sniffle, rub their red noses constantly and complain about how miserable they are.

Cats, on the other hand, are more stoic. They tend to wait until everyone has left the room before undertaking the demeaning process of chewing themselves raw. When my own cat developed allergies at 6 years of age, he managed to lose almost all of the hair on his belly and the inside of his thighs — without me ever catching him in the act of chewing. Continue reading


Some useful tips for your dog during autumn

Ah, fall—there’s nothing like crisp, cool air, the first months of school and luscious foliage to get you excited for the changing seasons. Your pet, too, is probably welcoming the break from hot, sticky weather. But pet parents, beware—fall is also a time of lurking dangers for our furry friends. From household poisons to cold weather hazards, the season is a minefield! Here are some tips to keep your pet snug and healthy during the autumn months. Continue reading


Findster: The GPS tracker for your pets ( and kids )

Findster is a platform promoted on Indiegogo, it is composed from some small GPS trackers that you can stick to your pet’s collar and a receiver device ( than can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone ) .

The target is have a smart platform of monitoring the position of your pet in a defined area ( that you can define from the mobile app ) with a big operation range and without needs of a sim card or a monthly fee.

The platform works with a proprietary RF technology, it works with low-frequency radio, data encryption and reception up to 1.24 miles ( 2 km ); the connection with your mobile device take place with the Bluetooth technology: fast, good for middle range distance from the receiver and low energy consumption.


The sense of smell in dog

The sense of smell of a dog: 5 amazing ways in which use it

The sense of smell of a dog is amazing; army, police, firefighters and rescuers use dogs to find people or things through their sense of smell: here 5 amazing ways in which use it!

  1. Hives sick
    One of the problems beekeepers hives are sick; 1970 dogs are trained to recognize by smell which hives are sick to yuo and prevent the contagion from spreading to other hives.
  2. Illegal DVD market
    Dogs can be taught to detect the material polycarbonate, a key component of all DVD disks; so the dogs can be used at customs for detecting attempts to import large quantities of illegal dvd hidden among the goods.
  3. Diabetes
    Dogs can hear if a diabetic person has in blood sugar levels too high, again thanks to the sense of smell. Some dogs are specially trained for this purpose, these dogs can also learn how to retrieve the insulin kit in case of need.
  4. Whale Poop
    This is a very particular use of the sense of smell of dogs; are trained to track the whale poop. This unpleasant task was made necessary because of the difficulty of obtaining fresh samples to verify the status of health of the whales.
  5. Ovulation in Cows
    Knowing when a cow is ready for pregnancy is a key factor for a breeder. Some breeders have therefore begun to rely on specially trained dogs know when a cow is ready to be impregnated; in this way trying to optimize cost and time by avoiding unnecessary expense and stress to the cows.


Bistro: food dispenser for cats

Bistro: the smart dispenser of food for your cat

For all cat owners anxious to know the state of health of your cat, if you eat or drink enough in their absence or that need to maintain this diet for your pet will have a new ally: Bistro, the dispenser of food for your cat, which monitors meals and the weight of your cat.

Unlike a normal food dispenser is able to monitor the state of health of the animal, verifying the weight, the quantity of food that is distributed and the amount of water available to your cat.

Bistro can transmit real-time information that it collects exhaust towards the use dell’applicaizone for smartphones, advise how much and what food is best for your pet; also if you have multiple cats version with webcam is able to recognize the different cats and behave accordingly, delivering the right amount of food and store the data separately for each cat.

Currently Bistro has reached the $ 100,000 needed to begin to design and produce on a large scale: If you want to contribute to its realization or purchase one follow developments at the project page on IndieGoGo.

cute cat sleep

CATNAP : why the cat sleep so much

The primary activity of every cat in a day is sleep: but why cat sleep is so much ? Here are some explanations to this fact.

1. The cat is a predator with its own territory

The cat is a felid and like a lino it is a natural predator. The cat, like the lion, during the day prefer to conserve energy and avoid moving in the heat of the day; when the sun begins to descend hunts taking advantage of the low light to attack prey that otherwise would see during the day and run away leaving him without food.

Although cats of the city are now used to having the bowl always full, if you have the opportunity to take advantage out of the house, rather than for food, to explore the territory, and then keep some of the peculiarities typical of the big cats that roam free.

2. The cat is always alert even when sleeping

A cat phases of light sleep and deep sleep as humans but it is their alternation that diversifies them from humans.
A cat spends more time asleep during that phase of deep sleep; This can be explained again with the speech that a cat is a feline predator and therefore must always be ready to shoot in case of need.
As a result spend much time dozing sleep is less restful deep sleep longer.

3. The years of the cat

As for the people an adult has less need for sleep than a senior or a young one.
Similarly, an older cat or a puppy spends a lot more time to rest because of an effort to recover more energy or get tired much more easily.

4. What’s the weather like today?

The cats are among the animals most subject to change of time; it’s a hot day, a rainy day or winter, your cat is sure to be somewhere safe to enjoy a well-deserved nap.
Never spercare energy when there are no suitable weather conditions: the cats we teach it!


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