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Design pet furniture? DIY can help you!

Do you want to keep your pets happy and, at the same time, have some design pet furniture matching your room design?

If you like IKEA products and you don’t bother to play around with some tools, you can have some really nice results (staying on a low budget too!) following the tutorials you can find on ikeahackers.

We’ve made a selection for you, your pet will love these hacks!

First some ideas for cats:

Litter-box double-hideaway

Cat Litter Hideaway

Having a cat means that you need to take care about the litter box but… it’s so ugly!
If for you it’s not an option having it visible on your corridor, here how you can hide it. It can also accomodate a second litter box (if you’ve more than one cat) or other tools.

Very easy to build, just follow the tutorial!

Double-decker cat snug/scratch post

Cat snug post

What you need here is just a small shelving unit, some sisal rope and a couple of cushions… done! Tutorial here.

Alternative cat stairs

Cat stairs

Cats love having everything under control from high heights… let’s make them comfortable building some cat stairs using a couple of shelves! Really easy to build and nice to see! Just take a look here how it works


And now let’s see what we can do for dogs:


Side table converted in a dog bed


Dog bed DIY

In order to build this some more creativity and sawing will be required, but the result will be amazing and your puppy will love it!
Just follow the howto!

Dog house

Dog House

This one is a classic, just the indoors version. Really cheap to build and very nice looking! Here the howto!

Doggy Futon

Doggy Futon
And to close our series, a really nice dog futon. You won’t need to get your hands dirty and you’ll love the result. Just take a look how to do it!

For more ideas just have a look to the other posts!

So, how do you like these solutions? Have you ever tried to build something yourself for your pet? Share with us the results!

Front page image: CC Simon Sees / Post: Ikeahackers

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